Logistics Engineer Jobs

Logistics engineering is a field that is concerned with the procurement, storage, distribution, and transport of finished goods and raw materials.

As a logistics engineer, you design and analyze the operational solutions for problems pertaining to the transport and storage of goods. You will have to tap into the power of different aspects such as network modeling and process analysis to design the most optimal way to transport and store the goods.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of logistics engineers are:

  • Propose logistics solutions to customers
  • Review contractual agreements and customer specifications to create the most optimized way to store and distribute goods.
  • Stay on top of weather conditions and other natural and manmade disasters to ensure that neither the goods nor their transportation schedule are affected in any way.
  • Estimate the costs of storage and transportation and compare them with the budgeted ones to identify deviations.
  • Provide logistics support such as staff details, facility details, transportation routes, maintenance plans and anything else that may be needed for other teams within your organization.
  • Analyze existing logistics processes and come up with ways to optimize them better.
  • Train others and explain the logistics operations to relevant departments to help them plan better.

To become a logistics engineer, you need a Bachelor's or Master's degree in logistics engineering or other related fields. Additional certifications and work experience can come handy as well. Good communication skills are vital as you'll have to interact with people from different backgrounds.