IT Engineer Jobs

IT engineer jobs are one of the most happening and widely available jobs today because more companies are turning to IT systems to automate their processes.

IT engineer jobs spread across a wide range of functions and include the following broad categories.

  • Front end designer
  • Software Architect
  • Backend/database engineer
  • Cloud specialist
  • AI engineer
  • Developer
  • Programmer
  • Mobile technology specialist
  • Mobile app developer
  • Android developer
  • iOS developer
  • Network administrator
  • Mainframe engineer
  • Designer and more

Besides the above categories, there are many other niche areas too depending on the operations of a particular organization.  But by and large, they all work with computers and different systems.

To join this industry, organizations expect their candidates to have at least an undergraduate degree in IT engineering or any other similar background. In addition, candidates are expected to specialize in a particular stream of IT and have a thorough understanding of their area of specialization. Certificate programs offered through reputed software leaders are also seen as an excellent value addition to the prospects of finding a job.

According to some reports of Labor Studies, IT engineer jobs are one of the fastest growing jobs in this sector with projected job growth of 17% up to 2024. The mean average salary for IT engineer jobs is €108,760 for systems software developers and €102,160 for application software developers.  This goes to show that there is no dearth of IT jobs in the near future.