Industrial Engineer jobs

The main role of industrial engineers to eliminate any wasteful and inefficient activity that takes place during the production process.

To do this, they come up with efficient systems that bring together workers, machinery, materials, resources, and infrastructure to create the desired product.

As an industrial engineer, you may work in offices, but you are more likely to visit the industrial floor to check the efficiencies and to ensure that everything is happening according to design.

Some of the duties of industrial engineers are:

  • Reviews production schedules to ensure that everything is going as per the plan.
  • Stays on top of engineering processes, specifications and other information to understand the current process. Based on these inputs, you should understand where inefficiencies are happening and how they can be plugged.
  • Develop systems that are also cost-efficient
  • Create quality control procedures to reduce cost and improve the efficiency of production
  • Coordinate with vendors, suppliers, and others to take feedback on the quality of the product.
  • Communicate with staff to know about production output and problems related to it.

Industrial engineers have an important role to play across many industries, with some of the prominent ones being an automobile, heavy machinery, manufacturing, healthcare systems and so on.

To become an industrial engineer, you need a Bachelor's Degree in industrial engineering. Additional certificates and licenses will show you in good light. Past work experience is also considered by employers, as a part of their screening process.