Graduate Engineer Jobs

Graduate engineers are those who have freshly graduated from college and are new to the job on hand. When in college, they gain a lot of theoretical understanding, but they are still fresh when it comes to understanding the ways of the industry.

That said, graduate engineer jobs are an essential part of every industry because every organization strives to train these graduates on the job, so they can use their knowledge and expertise to improve the efficiency of processes within the organization in the future. Such graduates also have the potential to come up with innovative ideas to help their respective organization get a competitive advantage in the future.

The everyday job of a graduate engineer varies widely from industry to industry, but some of the common aspects include gaining knowledge about the working of the industry and their organization in particular and learning to handle or resolve problems that could crop for the organization. In most cases, graduate engineers work in groups as they can help each other fill the gaps in learning and understanding.

Sometimes, they are also given small problems to solve and other hands-on activities that boost their learning and prepare them to take on full-fledged responsibilities within the organization. For most graduate engineers, this training period lasts anywhere from three to six months.

In some industries, they are paid a stipend for this "learning" time while in others, they are given a salary.  It is hard to give an average salary or growth numbers because graduate engineers can find opportunities across all industries.