Electrical engineer jobs

Electrical engineers, as the name suggests, are responsible for designing, implementing and troubleshooting electrical systems.

Since electrical systems are an integral part of many industries, there is no dearth of jobs for these electrical engineers. Some of the industries where they can find great opportunities are:

  • Renewable energy - This is one of the most happening industries and provides ample opportunities for both fresh graduates and experienced engineers.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies - As mobile penetration increases, there is a big need to give people detailed information about local businesses and opportunities, and this is one area where GPS systems are heavily used. Satellites and communication industries also require GPS technologies.
  • Networking - As we inch towards making 5G systems and other advanced communication and networking technologies a reality, we need electrical engineers to power these systems efficiently.
  • Banking and finance - The finance industry is rapidly changing, as more people prefer to work out of their homes. In such a scenario, security is the key and many advanced security solutions need electrical systems.
  • Arts, management, consulting, entertainment - All of these industries need electrical systems to power them and this means, more electrical engineers.

To tap into these opportunities, you need a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and even a few certifications from reputed organizations would help. In-depth knowledge about physics, math, electromagnetism and other related fields is essential.  Expertise in creating, implementing and testing various electrical equipment can come handy.