Data engineer jobs

Data engineers have a very important role to play in an organization. Essentially, they collect data, analyze them and get deep insights from the data about the different aspects of the business. In other words, they are the pillars of the analytics infrastructure of every organization.

Though this sounds simple, it entails a lot of work, considering the amount of digital data that is generated every second.

If we take a detailed look into their job responsibilities, it begins with data collection. They have to get data from different sources such as social media, websites, review sites, offline sources and more. They have to bring all this data to a common format, so they can review and analyze them.

The analysis is a huge process by itself, as they use different tools to identify specific patterns and behaviors. Based on this understanding, they give rich insights about the business operations, and in turn, this helps the organization to streamline their process or products and to improve their overall efficiency.

Considering the important role that data engineers play in today's age of information, these jobs are expected to have explosive growth over the next decade. Just to give you a perspective, the number of data engineer jobs grew by 122% between 2013 and 2015 and the outlook from 2016 to 2026 is also highly positive.

To become a data engineer, you need a Bachelor's degree followed by certifications on data analytics. Good communication skills are also essential to present your findings to others.