Construction Engineer Jobs

Construction engineers are members of building and construction projects, and they are largely responsible for designing and executing construction work.

Construction jobs include not just constructing buildings, but also roadways, drainage, and sewage systems, water pipelines, electrical systems, building airports, bridges, parks, and other public projects, mechanical constructions, rebuilding work and more.

In general, a construction engineer wears many hats, depending on the nature of construction. It could include:

  • Site inspections
  • Complying with environmental and government rules and regulations
  • Testing the soil, drainage, water supply, electrical systems and more.
  • Estimating labor costs
  • Supervising construction workers, and more.

Construction engineers use the computer a lot, especially to design and generate 2D or 3D models of their buildings and other systems. They will also have to manage construction workers and maybe even motivate them to work more efficiently, and this would require a good measure of leadership skills.

Some of them get to work from office too, with occasional site inspections to assess the work being done. Most of them are adept in using computers. Though 40 hours a week is the norm, sometimes these engineers have to work longer hours depending on the deadlines and the project on hand.

To become a construction engineer, a Bachelor's degree is mandatory. Other certifications and experience also boost your chances of getting a construction engineer job. Some studies report the projected job growth up to 2024 is about 8% a year.