Civil engineer jobs

Civil engineers are the mind and soul behind the buildings, bridges, parks, roads, sewage systems and just about any other concrete infrastructure you see around you.

These engineers are responsible for designing, building, supervising, operating and maintaining infrastructure projects both in the public and private sector.

They work across many locations and in various capacities. While some may be involved in design and construction, others may be handling the maintenance part.  Most times, you will work on the site or will have to visit often to supervise, but you'll also be spending some time in office to design or to draw up construction plans.

Besides this, civil engineers also analyze maps and plan to design different civil projects, prepare cost and budget estimates and ensure that all construction complies with the established construction codes and local laws.

To become a civil engineer, you definitely need a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in civil engineering. Besides that, certifications are also regarded well and can help you move up the ladder easily. Likewise, having licenses from the concerned authorities will give a big boost to your career.

If you're a graduate or graduating any time soon, this is a great field to be in because some labor studies reports estimate that civil engineering job will grow by 11% every year during the decade from 2016 to 2026. This means plenty of opportunities across the world, especially in developing countries as they are always looking to beef up their infrastructure.