Chemical engineer jobs

Chemical engineers use the principles of chemistry, physics, and math to build chemical systems and to troubleshoot problems that may come up with existing systems.

Typically, they are employed in the pharmaceutical, food, drugs, fuel and chemical industries and they are responsible for designing processes and equipment needed for large scale manufacturing of these products. Besides, they will also be involved in research, especially in food and drugs industries, to come up with more effective drugs and healthier foods.

Other than creating systems, they will also have to stay on maintenance of these systems and even identify any problems as they occur, so the necessary fixes can be made to it. In all, they are responsible for the creation and maintenance of chemical systems that produce complex items such as medicine and food.

In addition, they will also have to come up with ways to use the byproducts efficiently and to dispose of the waste in a safe manner. There is a greater focus than ever more on how the waste is treated and disposed of across many industries, so companies are looking for innovative ways to dispose of the waste from their chemical processes. It is up to the chemical engineer to design the best disposal system that has little to no impact on the environment.

To become a chemical engineer, you need a minimum of Bachelor's or Master's degree in chemical engineering. if you plan to go into research, you may need doctoral or post-doctoral degrees as well.