Analyst programmer jobs

An analyst programmer is someone who does the job of an analyst as well as a programmer. In other words, these engineers develop, design and implement computer programs.

This is the perfect job for an engineer who is interested in computers and programming, and have an excellent analysis skill. You need a Bachelor's degree in computer science to become a programmer analyst. Sometimes, a certification or work experience will be considered in lieu of a Bachelor's degree provided you are exceptionally talented and knowledgeable and if the organization believes that you will be a great value addition to their team.

Other than a degree, you should have a passion for computer programming and should be an expert in one or more programming languages, design, implementation or any other specific software niche. Since there are plenty of opportunities already and more are opening up, you're sure to find jobs in your niche area. It is estimated that these engineer jobs will grow by 21% during the decade from 2016 to 2026, thereby making it the fastest growing career for all professionals.

The everyday duties of a programmer analyst will include,

  • Meetings with supervisors and clients to understand the specifications of a product.
  • Interaction with other technical team members such as architects to design the system or product.
  • Coding with the computer programming language that is ideal for that product.
  • Analysis of the given problem to understand the best possible solution to the problem.