Aerospace engineer jobs

Being an aerospace engineer can be an interesting and exciting career path.

As an aerospace engineer, you will design and create a wide range of commercial aircraft, military aircraft, satellites and missiles, and other flying objects. These engineers are often employed in organizations that are involved in building any of these products.

The main role of these engineers is to design, develop, monitor and maintain aircraft and missiles. Many of them are even employed by the federal government and the military for doing specialized work.

The duties and responsibilities of an aerospace engineer are:

  • Understand the requirements and design an aircraft or another device that will meet the specifications required by your client.
  • Develop the aircraft with many technical teams, where each team focuses on one or more engineering aspects.
  • Test the aircraft and check if it meets the specifications laid down earlier.
  • Finally, you may be in charge of maintaining aircraft.
  • If there are any problems, you'll have to investigate the problem and come up with a fix.

To become an aerospace engineer, you need a Bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering or any other related field. Some background in manufacturing and mechanical is also considered provided you have certifications related to aerospace design and development.

According to many reports, jobs in aerospace engineering will grow by 9% in the decade between 2016 and 2026, primarily because aircraft are being redesigned to become more fuel efficient and there is a lot of research on using renewable energy to power these aircraft.